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*NEW* 3 Play to Earn NFT For FREE in 2022 with $0 Investment (Make $30-$1000 Daily) | NFT Game

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Opensea, Rarible, Mintable,superrare
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NFT Games
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#3. Demole.
Demole is a play-to-earn 3D metaverse that features NFT heroes who can participate in different game modes on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can own NFT heroes and interact with each other in a world hub. The main currency is DMLG token, which can be used in the game’s marketplace.

#2. Nine Chronicles.

Nine Chronicles is a free-to-play play-to-earn blockchain massively multiplayer online RPG without servers, like a peer-to-peer torrent client, the gamers and miners connect to each other to power a distributed game network. It is set in a vast fantasy world, ruled by the players, and backed by an economy where supply and demand are the catalysts to the system.
Crafting gear allows them to both use the better equipment and sell, exchange or trade the old gear for profit. Raw materials for crafting can be gained through farming and defeating enemies. Each item players craft has a quest ready to complete when they craft it for the first time, which will reward some of the materials used to make the item.

#1. GunStar Metaverse.

GunStar Metaverse is a play-to-earn 2D turn-based artillery game that is on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players are placed on a battlefield where the player and the opponent take turns striking each other with attacks and skills using their pets. Players can participate in several different PvE, PvP or Raid Boss game modes and earn various rewards. The game utilizes two kinds of tokens: GSTS token and GSC token.
In GunStar Metaverse, there are two opposing sides in a fight. Players are placed on one side, and the opponents can be either AI monsters or players. The arena they fight in can provide different advantages and disadvantages depending on the terrain and weather conditions such as winds, thunder and tornadoes. They take turns attacking with their pets and using their skills in a round. Each pet the player owns has 3 unique skills: 2 normal skills and an ultimate skill. There are twenty-three types of pets that are divided into rarities from common to rarest; normal, rare, elite, legendary, and ascended. Players can collect pet fragments from encounters. If they have enough gathered, they can merge them into a new pet. Pets can also be rented through the in-game marketplace.


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