15 Things Amish Women DON’T Want You To Know in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

In this video, we will look at 15 things Amish women do not want you to know.

15 Things That Amish Women Do Not Want You To Know
There are a lot of things worth knowing about the Amish and lots of things the Amish do not want us to know about them. There are also lots of provable facts about the Amish out there, as well as many entertaining stories about them worth cackling over that bear as much resemblance to the truth as a lemon does to an Idaho potato!

In this video, we will focus on some 15 things about Amish women that aren’t as publicized as they should be. Moreover, these 15 facts relate to stuff that Amish women aren’t exactly eager for the public to know.

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  1. The more I watch this it seems to be a tad bit of a hit piece. Yes they dont want you to know about their incredibly LOW autism rates. They dont want you to know about the lack of pesticides they use on their foods. The divorce rate is extremely low too because there is no confusion who takes care of the kids while the men work their butts off in the field. Their kids work as young as 5 years old or even younger, just like all the other kids in the world. I admire them. Remember autism is NOT genetic, it is brain damage, you can wonder where your child gets it from

  2. Bible reader know that the woman was made from a man's rib. Not of his foot to be under him. Not from his head, to be above him. But from his rib, next to his heart, and by his side as a partner. To remove a woman's dignity by making them hide their hair, for example, is utterly ridiculous. It is not what the Bible teaches, and not what God wants.

  3. Giving birth is NOT the most painful thing. I did it twice with no meds.
    The most painful thing is Trigeminal Neuralgia. It's also called "The Suicide Disease".
    I had it for one year.

  4. Wait, "Rumspringa" is between the ages of 14-16 it begins and lasts a year? If that's accurate, that's a set up. Teens of these ages can't get jobs to support themselves, get an apartment, legally drive a car because they can't get insurance on their own, enter into a contract like going into the military or go to bars. They are not seeing what the "English" adults live like…they are too young.

  5. Humans have been giving birth without pain meds for thousands of years. It’s not a new thing. 😂

  6. hypocriets day all have iphone its just that man's eggo have to by ass ………………..

  7. They should really overturn that “no high school education for women” in court. That sounds like it should already be illegal and should be up to the young woman because it limits her options if she did want to leave the community as an adult.

  8. You are wrong about child amounts and rumshpringer. The adults do not allow rumshpringer, but will not stop the child. It can last from 16-21, or until they are baptized into the church which has to be done by age 21.
    The husband and wife can choose how many children they have, but each church has a minimum, usually 3
    They can cut their hair once it reaches past the waist.

  9. In six grade, I did a social studies fair on the Amish and I need a lot and I got to arm all the way where I live in like I got all the way to like the one before finals, I did not win that one, but hey, I got to learn a lot about honesty and plus drop of Amish blood in me

  10. Amish women's clothes has no buttons …. Shows a picture of an Amish woman with buttons on her dress 2:00

  11. Even if the Amish women clothes are difficult to take off …. They still get r@ped by fathers, oncles, grandfathers, brothers and/or cousins …. (Not all of course) … But where's a will there's a way

  12. Having been pregnant 11x with 12 babies (4 pregnancies lost before birth, the last of which were twins), and having had 5 of my kids at home with no midwife, and then on top of that having suffered with chronic kidney stones for 35 years, I can tell you right now: I would rather have another dozen kids than even one more kidney stone. Just so ya know.

  13. Unfortunately there is also a lot of sexual abuse within the family (boys raping their sisters and so on)…and because of the incest, nowadays a lot of medical issues appear.
    BUT there are also a LOT of other christian sects in usa, which supress women, do homeschooling etc. …to avoid modern knowledge.

  14. I was given a baptism bunny, no face. Handmade with the most beautiful muslin.

  15. Lol They showed Doug. He is not a bit Amish😂. A.farmer that dresses like them and his wife dresses regular though.

  16. Why are you showing orthodox wedding with crowns held above the heads? It has NOTHING to do with amish and misleading in this video

  17. Most all these women and men are on that tv reality show about the Amish they were the only Amish that would do this

  18. When the narrator speaks of when an Amish woman dies the video shows a priest blessing a coffin with incense! The Amish would be appalled! They're anabaptists!

  19. It’s scary when surrounded by a close knit community, in my opinion, it may develop incest relationship, cousins marrying close related cousins.

  20. As a Muslim they have a few things that we do the same …….a muslim shouldn’t have a doll with a face….children are a gift…. But I don’t believe they have children just for labor…. Idk …they give the option to stay

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