127 – Is this the End? | Lyn Alden in 2022

laatste update: 08-2022

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Lyn Alden is the Founder of Lyn Alden investment strategy and is a leading expert in macro markets. She focuses on long-term debt cycles and how it’s impacting crypto, fiat, bonds, and equities markets. This is Lyn’s third appearance on Bankless. Each time she’s on, it usually means something is breaking in the macro markets. And something definitely is.

Lyn thoroughly explains everything from whether we’re repeating history to what would turn this recession into a depression to whether or not we’re going to be okay. Don’t worry, Lyn shares her advice on how to be exactly that and more.

Her superpower is to provide clarity during unclear times and this episode is no different.

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Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
6:12 Is this the End?
11:08 Debt Cycle Arc
15:40 The Dollar Milkshake Theory
20:05 Historial Analogs
30:35 How Do We Get Stable?
38:30 Weak Market Links
48:24 Raising Rates
55:03 Deflation & Softer Landings
1:00:19 Fed Meme & Competency
1:07:52 Recession vs. Depression
1:13:06 Markets to Watch
1:18:15 Are We Going to be Okay?
1:22:58 Energy, Food, & Fertilizer Markets
1:29:21 The New Normal
1:36:02 Mental Health
1:38:37 Closing & Disclaimers


Lyn Alden

The Death of the Dollar Dominance

Inflation in 2021

Fed Meme

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26 gedachten over “127 – Is this the End? | Lyn Alden in 2022”

  1. "A group of elders gets in a room every six weeks and determines what the price of money will be." Actually, a group of experienced economists gets in a room every six weeks and determines what the price of money will be in an attempt to manage macroeconomic variables so that the economy neither overheats nor shuts down. They've done a lousy job according to many, but ask yourself this: Would you rather fly in a plane controlled by a bad pilot or by an artificially intelligent algorithm? I'm talking about today, not a hundred years from now when that may actually be a thing.

  2. 53:40 she basically says the fed will choose to print their way out of this instead of raising rates (medium term), otherwise raising rates will collapse the entire system as we know it.

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  4. We are all so deflated ever since our theory of Bitcoin and ETh being a hedge collapsed. what next? Keep buying? It's a shame that it crashed…..People are so fearful…will something so liquid ever get adapted beyond a niche market of gamers and some austrian economists?

  5. These types of episodes are incredibly important for educating your audience. Part of the ethos of crypto needs to be on demystifying the financial system and helping people of normal means out of Plato's Cave when it comes to understanding the system.

    I'd like to see you have more guests like Lyn on and really further educate yourselves so you can push the technical conversation further. We need to make every person financially literate regardless of background!

  6. Excellent content, full of insights! Please be aware: REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE is the solution to a shortage of fertilizers. Farmers worldwide are pivoting to this holistic method which will reduce demand on petroleum-based inputs while solving environmental issues by sequestering carbon in the soil. Regen increases farmers' profits, provides healthier, nutrient-dense food, and supports healthy air, water, and climate.

  7. Lyn, Great you didn't mention Real Estate. It really looks like you've looked at Housing more closely and dropped your initial thesis of RE being a hedge. Would love your insights on what changed. I'm sure you've seen something really choppy there….tell us next time please.

  8. I respect you guys a lot . However, you question posed at 30:38 about 'a stable path ahead' , stumped me. We live in times of disruption. Rooting for disruption and looking for a stable path, kind of contradictory. Don't you think?

  9. Thanks for the episod. It was powerful
    so i understand we are screwed . But is there any light ? And on what horizon?

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  11. Lyn Alden is an awesome individual. Thanks for allowing her to fully articulate her thoughts. Great episode!

  12. The US Empire will do what is necessary to prop up the dollar, whether by destabilising the new boy on the block, the usual CIA coups and proxy wars and setting its allies ( the old British empire, Israel, the West in general) on its rivals. Lyn is correct that this is more like the 30s but the global debt, at 250 trillion dollars means that any interest rise is seismic. WW2 was important because the colonised world realised they could be the masters of their destiny. Japan, China, many African states. and India are on the road- hatred of the Brits and the US will drive them into new trade blocks – but it will take time.

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