$1,018 Nike “Satan Shoes” by Lil Nas X Unboxing

laatste update: 11-2022

The very unique and limited Satan Shoe is a base Nike Air Max 97 by MSCHF and Lil Nas X, with the air bubble containing 60cc ink and one drop of human blood. Each shoe is uniquely numbered between 1/666 and 666/666 and sells for $1,018. In addition, each shoe has the bible verse Luke 10:18, an upside-down cross, and a handmade bronze pentagram with custom engraving. Satan Shoes Instagram –

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30 gedachten over “$1,018 Nike “Satan Shoes” by Lil Nas X Unboxing”

  1. The colours of Satan are black and red. His letter is X.
    Do your Research, it all on the Internet.

  2. Totaly demonic shoes the symbol and the packing and there were 666 pairs of shoes the number of satan
    I would never buy em pls read bible pls brothers and sisters

  3. Wonder how they got the red liquid into the air capsule without popping it

  4. The shoe is fire but if it is really made out of human blood idc I just thro that shit avay

  5. I’m sure most people in the comments go to clubs, do drugs, and aren’t married virgins. So stfu 🤬

  6. I love the idea but the shoes are ugly. Make a cooler demonic shoe with real human blood 🩸

  7. Honestly The pelican case & the shoe box are the best parts of the shoe. Whoever created that deserves a marketing award honestly. Shoes are ok, nothing to write home about, but other than them being a limited # run, I feel like the packaging made it so desirable. The shoes by themselves are mehh

  8. F these shoes n the rapper that made them Jesus is your only saviour

  9. Romans 6:16

    “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?”

  10. Here’s. Question for you theist: Luke 1:10 Says he saw Satan from like lightning.. *FROM HEAVEN*. – it didn’t say he Rose from Hell….

    Revelations 22:16 also reveals Yeshua as the Morning star… plot thickens for you sleepy heads but people that know what it is know what really is

  11. The American Flag has those same stars think about that hmmm

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