1 Million Cardano Portfolio Strategy | My Crypto Portfolio 🤑 in 2022

laatste update: 08-2022

Today we’ll see how I’m building a 1 million dollar crypto portfolio and how I’m getting paid passive income while I relax, I hold most of it in cardano and other altcoins like ethereum and virtual lands I hope you like it and subscribe for more, thanks for watching!

Stake Cardano to my pool: NVSTX

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  1. Congratulations bro.. such an inspiration.. more power to your elbow. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your cost average?

  2. The only problem I see with your diversification theory is Elon, Jeff, and Bill are insiders to the companies that make up the majority of their portfolio. They also have positions of power over the entity. You are not in either position when it comes to Cardano. You have no power over decisions for Cardano. You have no access to inside information on the project. Those things give them an edge that you don’t have. So taking that approach is more risky for you. It would probably be best for you to consider diversification even if it’s over 1-2 more quality cryptocurrencies.

  3. So happy for you !
    Just got recommendation of your channel ,saw the video that you become a millionaire.

    I only have 250 Cardano , started a while ago investing on Crypto.
    My question is what was the price of Cardano when you first started buying it?

    Sorry if it was mentioned in another video and I missed it…

  4. Fabulous! Love your channel. Just starting to learn about crypto. I purchased two bobcat miners and have them both running out of my condo. They are doing really well. Considering. I’m not making thousands but since I switched my set up. Up differently I’ve noticed I am now making three times the amount. If you need any help with that please feel free to contact me👍.. I finally figured out the best set up. Do you have any classes or anything like that to teach me how to make money using crypto. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Like I said can help you and show you how to set up so that you can start raking decent money with your minors.

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