#1 Absolute Best Way to Improve Energy & Brain Fog in 2023

laatste update: 05-2023

Ever felt like you can’t fully wake up and have the energy you want? That is Brain Fog. Covid, thyroid issues, and other things can cause brain fog. You feel like your mental clarity is out the window, it is hard for you to focus and doing task seems daunting when you have brain fog.

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  1. Something you missed that is incredibly important is get more sunlight and increase tryptophan levels in the body. Tryptophan gives all the major nutrients and allows the brain chemistry in particular to improve.

  2. Also consider adding the possibility of sleep apnea. I started sleeping with the window open and a fan and it made a drastic difference in daytime energy. For a long time I thought I had type 2 diabetes but my a1c was 4.8 after checking.

  3. Thumbs up. GREAT info, You tube won't let me by just clicking on it.

  4. my brain just won't stop bringing up negative stuff about my life and it annoys me

  5. R41.9////🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. the problem is when I do sport for 30 minutes, I struggle to find back a minimum of energy for the rest of the day (sometimes I just must go to bed, toooooo exhausted), and after it takes 3-4 days to recover. If I dance 10 minutes, I suffer of backpain for 3 days. So… I love to move, but it throw me down. I am…. confused !

  7. and the liver? Don't you think that a lazy liver, or "dirty" lever could be responsible for brain fog? Is it what you meant when you spoke about toxins?

  8. I didn't check all your videos, but if have one on how to recover fast after burn-out. Would be useful. It took me over 7 years.

  9. a huge detail : thank you for speaking a clear and slow English ! For not native it's gold !

  10. I hate these long drawn repeated videos. Say cure brain and do this to cure it.

  11. There is nothing normal about sleeping at a certain time other than what society has labeled "a normal work day from 9-5. People created that, not the body

  12. I usually microduce LSD whenever I have brain fog. I'll microdose a very tiny amount every 3 days for like couple weeks and then I'm good.

  13. Here is a video about improving your energy and brain fog. At 7:24 I’m going to have to stop watching it. It is such a drain. Either this guy has no idea about the intensity of these issues and thinks everyone with these symptoms can put up with his long monologue OR he is just putting this video out for his own ego. I assume he knows what he’s talking about because he has close to 27 minutes of things to say about it without feeling the need to be more concise . Therefore I assumed he did this video not to help people BUT just to feed his ego.

  14. I’ve been stuffing brain fog like all of my life Thankyou doctor 🙏

  15. Thanks a lot for the great video and for the advice, information and tips 😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  16. Why your products don’t ship abroad of USA? Because i need the Systemic enzymes you mentioned.

  17. The Biggest reason for brain fog is Masturbation. Thats why ancient yogis would retain for years

  18. To get rid of brain fog trick your. Mind into thinking your getting high water content from taking drinks and sips say you have a gallon of water take a drink and then sip it then Savor drink it and again.. drinking it should relief you r body and mind

  19. Cause your mind already knows what is fluid and So The water content Comes from taking 8 second Breaks between 7 drinks Gulps and sips and not one big Drink going through you and shocking every part of your system

  20. That was one of the most informative and easy-to-follow health videos I've seen in a long time. Thank you dr. Ekberg. I just subscribed!

  21. Brain fog is a drug in the food chain ⛓️ restaurants and coffee shops and gas stations are drugging people in the food 🥝 and people drive there cars to slow and to fast

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