$1.5 Billion Dollar Bitcoin Mining Operation! (Top crypto news) in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

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14 gedachten over “$1.5 Billion Dollar Bitcoin Mining Operation! (Top crypto news) in 2023”

  1. Tried to grab the AMC Spiderman tickets last night, huge Charlie Foxtrot.

  2. Thanks WendyO
    Your the best around nothing's going to hold you down!!!

  3. Hi everyone I know the face thing is lame and I agree but I caught a 6am flight from LAX and couldn’t film prior at home ty for the support!

  4. the mask has ruined it , LOL never worn one once , exempt from bull

  5. Amazing 🤩!!! I never lack since the day I started investing with this platform above 👆👆👆.,

  6. Amazing 🤩!!! I never lack since the day I started investing with this platform above 👆👆👆.,

  7. Always wondered about Wendy's claim that XRP is not decentralized when there is not one entity that controls. Meaning it does not mean Ripple could do anything they wanted and even if Ripple owned 99% or 100% the validators could actually burn all the xrp. Wendy must be told what to think. Meaning I mask whenever asked but to wear a mask when you are alone tells me she is not an independent thinker. Oh yes she has every right to mask alone but sure looks like it is more for show.

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