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Bretton Woods III Report:

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  2. I am holding cash waiting for the smoke to clear. My projected bottom for the market is end of November.

  3. Invester protection I wish Gary's parents wore protection 🤪🤑

  4. It's funny how the SEC and the Treasury is protecting the Fiat Banks when Crypto banks are the next big thing. It's right in front of their faces and yet they are destroying the banks in the new financial phase. They'll be crawling back to get these crypto banks back.

  5. It's very clear that crypto is the future of money🤑 i really want to invest in crypto trading how to start with reliable and trusted Broker any nice idea because i have lost amount of money on that?

  6. Why do you think that cryptocurrency is the answer to it all? Do you understand that if all the banks fail the whole world, would f**** go into chaos and crumble. How many people you think own cryptocurrency in America? 2% maybe four at most. Maybe five. Most Americans don't even f**** know what cryptocurrency except for gambling. People need to slow their roll weight patiently and we'll get plenty of money out of this whole scenario

  7. Another great video NCASH! Always a fan of your updates. Thank you, Sir.

  8. Ich werde dir für immer dankbar sein, dass du mein ganzes Leben verändert hast, und ich werde weiterhin deinen Namen für die ganze Welt predigen, um zu hören, dass du mich mit nur einer kleinen Investition vor erheblichen Schulden bewahrt hast. Danke, Kenneth Ella❣❣ ❣

  9. I never take seriously what Crammer says, but after Inverse Crammer ETF shows in the market , I finally understand his words.

  10. We do not need regulation !!! We never did ! The feds are just over stepping like always.. They destroy our projects to make it seem that they are needed to save us from scammers.. FEDS = scammers!
    XRP is the bad people wtf is wrong with you people omg… look
    Yes, XRP is an official partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF). They might as well be the ultimate central coin .. wake up stop shilling XRP centralized tokens .. promote MONERO BTC… something real that works for the people and cant be censored..

  11. Bitcoin is absolutely the Wild West of finance, and thank goodness. It represents a whole legion of adventurers and entrepreneurs, of risk takers, inventors, and problem solvers. It is the frontier. Huge amounts of wealth will be created and preserved as this new landscape is mapped out. While the train goes be a part of it by starting with a little capital. I Started with a small capital under the supervision of Elena and I got profit within 7days.

  12. That Thai oppo you are banging on about recently called on the US to enact "regime change" in Thailand, you know because of "protecting democracy" do a bit more research into who you are blowing a trumpet for.

  13. Wie kann ich vom Trading und Investieren in Kryptowährung profitieren?

  14. The US, has no leadership, which has been captured by big money. It takes a vision, which unfortunately, these regulators don't care. They have a mission, to destroy not to grow, or create fear, which will be a losing game. The US will lose it's status as it becomes either a bully or withdraw from the world. It's sad to see the US lose its moral values!

  15. The US don’t want to adopt crypto because of the leading role of the petro dollar as world currency but this era is going to end. More and more countries have enough of the US lecturing the rest of the world. All big Empires are doomed to fall at one point. The Roman Empire, the Mongols, The Egyptians were a wealthy Empire too and look at their country now.

  16. It is clear BTC has proved it's use case during this uncertain times. We need more experts like Ms Helen Campter, who educate people on the evolution of the market so

    people avoid common mistakes. so they don’t walk out of the market feeling frustrated! Keep up the great work! Raised over 24.6 BTC when I started at 2.3 BTC in just few

    weeks implementing Helen Campter daily trading signals and tips.

  17. There needs to be a ruling to provide any movement in this industry. If you believe the facts, there's reason to be optimistic. If you believe in corruption and favorable influence for traditional players, there's plenty of cause for concern. Anything can happen at this point including a complete destruction of this space. We need a decision. Anything outside of that is simply noise. Imo/nfa.

  18. If anyone is frustrated impaicient your emotions are ruling you and as such investing in this space for you will probably not fair well ..if your in at lower price levels 28cents to 38 ..relax and let time do its thing ..long term time focus is where real wealth will come from not all this daily its breaking out no wait is crashing ha ha if this is you please do a tonne more reserch and understand what your investing in ..

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