21 gedachten over “🚨RED ALERT!!!!!🚨”

  1. Maybe not everybody that watch yoir video agrees with you or liked your video, thatvis why you get 15% of likes. That says something right🤔

  2. Don't keep your bitcoins on exchanges, none of them are safe. Everyone wants YOUR bitcoins, banks, exchanges and hackers. Exchanges also use the btc stored with them to manipulate prices. Stock markets are the biggest whales. It is forbidden to store BTC on an exchange. The biggest manipulator is Binance///

  3. Smart money buys (Saylor), dumb money sells (traders, retail)—

  4. Chris advised to but more vlaunch his project at the top and now we don't hear anything any more of him beware!

  5. Chris do you know CeBioLabs (CBSL)?
    Its a Crypto Startup and Token from Germany.
    Looks interesting, Blockchain-based B2B-Solutions for CBD and Cannabis.

  6. uh…sorry..was just watching ur buddy Carl…APOLOGIES Chris🤒

  7. XLON is on 🔥🔥🔥100,000X incoming. Jump on NOW we headed to MARS! XEN ecosystem will be MASSIVE! I will buy 1000 Bitcoin SOON! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌙

  8. Chris, Good work on keeping things in the proper perspective by mentioning and reminding the MMCrypto community about the most important days in human history. Well done.

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