🚨Are NFTs dead?🚨Magic Eden Solana 🚨Hedera goes web3

laatste update: 02-2023

🚨Are #nft dead?🚨#magiceden #solana 🚨#hedera goes #web3

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Magic Eden
02:48 Hedera
03:35 The NFT Yearbook
04:28 Uniswap Labs
05:26 Ukraine support with NFT
06:16 NFT volume crashes
07:15 Ebay acquires NFT Marketplace
07:58 Meta unveils monetizing tools
09:08 Conclusion

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15 gedachten over “🚨Are NFTs dead?🚨Magic Eden Solana 🚨Hedera goes web3”

  1. I love magic Eden! And I love solana nfts 💜 checkout Stoned Ape Crew & Degods 🥳

  2. NFTs are for creators as in people that create art for a living. Not these scummy hype ape like projects that just want to take your money.

    Once the hype goes away I think it will make a great technology for authentic artists.

  3. NFT's are useless nonsense so they're right where they belong.

  4. The retail merchant Sears had 3,500 stores at its peak, today, they no longer exist. So a company saying they have 50 games launch is not an indication they will be around for a while.

    If your tech isn't viable, you will be moved aside by something better. Anything built on Solana is a red flag; why put all your money on a network that is always going down?

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