🔴Live CPI news trading #shorts #cpi in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

CPI news Trading live, My buy stops were slipped +100 pips !!
made +$1000 in 1 minute.

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30 gedachten over “🔴Live CPI news trading #shorts #cpi in 2023”

  1. you bought very late and costly, should have been in good profit

  2. Broker from helll..how the many much pips stolen from trader after buy stop trigger..WTF…Slipage=STOLEN.

  3. It's called gambling
    Sometimes it works sometimes it don't work 😂
    Balls to hold though, probably demo money

  4. So the buy stop is Pritty much the take profit nd the sell stop is the stop loss? Or

  5. It always slips. Every microsecond matters.

  6. Where to see the inflation data website please

  7. It also happened to me but triggered it with no profit or loss

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