๐Ÿ”ง DR350S Rebuild – ep.8 Spark is BACK – How to fix no spark issue in motorcycle + CDI replace

laatste update: 05-2022

Last time we finally found and bought DR350S for Marta.
This bike is actually not running and it spent last years in the garage not used.

It looks like it is in nice condition so we decided to buy it and rebuild it!

Finally we solved the missing spark issue. After checking all important components connected to the CDI we concluded that, our CDI is faulty. Testing procedure is presented in this video.

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7 gedachten over “๐Ÿ”ง DR350S Rebuild – ep.8 Spark is BACK – How to fix no spark issue in motorcycle + CDI replace”

  1. I always check the coil and CDI box first it's no secret you can run a jumper wire from the plus side of battery to plus side of coil and start any motor even if the switch is off.

  2. Having a similar problem.
    The bike just died on me.
    Carb is ok, it was cleaned, jeted and tuned 900km ago.
    Some days ago the bike started to bog and shut off.
    Was able to press start and start the bike 3 Times, at the 3rd time the bike died and was not able to work again.
    It has Spark but looks to be a very weak spark
    New Spark plug, new ignition coil..
    Same weak Spark, bike does not start ๐Ÿ˜”
    Having problems reading the cdi too

  3. I also have a problem with this at the moment, bought an old 1991 model with tm33 carb and it has some serious issues starting. I can get it to start by rolling down a steep hill but it never starts by kicking, even after valve adjustment. Also for some reason starting spray doesn't help the case, which makes me wonder if it's because of timing or weak spark, when testing the spark plug out of the engine it sparks fine, just a bit weak. I sent it to some local shop for diagnosis, but I think it might be fruitless. I saw your other videos where you start yours with 1-2 easy kicks, I'm so jealous ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess the only option is to cross fingers and buy another cdi

  4. Very good video, congratulations.
    I recently bought a '93 DR 350, I was only able to drive it once and it stopped sparking from the spark plug. I will do the tests you have taught us.

    It would be very useful if you could share with us a workshop service manual

    Kindly regards

  5. Than you for taking the time to explain all the CDI connections. I watched your video at .25 speed so I could write all the details down.. Nice work…

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