💀 NFTs are dead, but why?

laatste update: 10-2023

For most of 2022, A-list celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton were jumping on the NFT bandwagon, and many thought the sky was the limit. Fast forward to today, and with all the gloomy headlines about celebrity ‘investments’ into NFTs and how much money they’ve lost, you’d be forgiven for wondering if NFTs are dead forever. So, what changed?

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24 gedachten over “💀 NFTs are dead, but why?”

  1. It's off topic I know, but that beat is fire 🔥.

    Shame about NFTs, Rip 🙏

  2. Poogeets and Squint Eyes ruined it by shitting out an endless stream of crap. Lack of a barrier to entry killed it.

  3. The NFT technology is here to stay, without it there won’t be any tokenization of assets in the web3.0, it‘s just not used correctly right now. What‘s dying is the speculation, not the NFTs per se.

  4. A glorified jpeg doesn’t deserve the money fools paid for it.
    NFT market won’t exist in 3 years. The fad is just about over. The Minters have scammed all they can. The fool investors have been burnt enough, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY why get ripped off buying someone’s shitty cartoon crap, when you can create the same through your own visual thievery, by using AI Generative Art Apps or Browsers?

    The major choice for the once NFT investor is…..get scammed, or scam people yourself.

    There’s your next Content.

    You’re welcome.

  5. The tech behind NFTs is pretty cool and will find more applications. But personally, I've never understood the hype surrounding JPEGs.

  6. I try selling arts and most of the nft content is a project that might be able to provide commercial benefits from it

  7. NFTs ain't going no where, Another-1 is bringing brand new opportunities to brands and fashionistas with the phygital fashion on stop shop, they make it easy. NFTs are here to stay.

  8. Pretty good content. I believe that phygital fashion is an emerging and powerful narrative in the industry. Looking ahead to the next bull run, projects that embrace phygital fashion and provide real-world utilities, such as Another-1's Drip-Lab, are poised for success. What are your thoughts on the prospects of phygital fashion in the upcoming market?

  9. Those are not A list.. Just say'n.. That should have been your first clue.

  10. NFT's ain't dead at all. with another-1's phygital approach to NFTS, there's going to be a lot of opportunities. already top names like OG Grafitti artist Zoow are already collaborating with another1.

  11. NFTs blew up too fast and then crypto/stock market crashed and of course being riskiest off all assets they were hit the hardest. NFTS will be the digital flex of the future much like people have physical flexes today, much like flashy cars, designer clothes, etc… Owning an OG blue chip nft along with metaverse integration these nfts will be a digital flex and a symbol of wealth which coincides with respect for being first and having the foresight to see the world is moving into digital ownership. It is inevitable in my opinion, how long it will take that is another question. Human nature will seek the value and knowledge from the pioneers who are building out web 3 and the NFTs are at the center of it all.

  12. Big mystery as to why NFTs are dead. Wouldn't have anything to do with all the scams would it?

  13. “Bluechip” nothing bluechip about the NFT market, just pictures that got inflated by influencers.

  14. The only reason it ever blew up is because of the insane amount of stupid people on the internet that thought they could get rich off of buying receipts for jpegs😂

  15. Who would have thought computer art from a kindergartener would be worth anything. Can you buy gas and groceries with a NFT? No, well that’s that

  16. probably because AI is so good and you can make great images yourself, nobody cares to buy nfts anymore

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