30 gedachten over “⚠️SHIBA INU COIN! FINALLY! (SHIB PRICE)”

  1. Anyone should be DCAing EBY400X NOW! The future is going to be incredibly profitable for everyone who is currently adopting crypto’s!!

  2. EBY400X the only crypto with regulatory clarity. The ONLY one

  3. I've been invested in EBY400X since 24hrs. So for me it's not a question of whether to buy.

  4. Guys relax this is him being bullish for the EBY400X XD

  5. EBY400X is NOT the only safe crypto currency in regards to regulation. XRP has been deemed not to be a security as of LAW, not even BTC has this.

  6. Im fully into EBY400X and ADA, simply huge potential and the technology became better

  7. EBY400X has the best tech, best community and soon best economy

  8. Projects succeed through vision and leadership, Jeff Bezoz is the no.1 for that. EBY400X will be a solid and safe investment for years to come

  9. Keep up the good work, and yes, please do more deep dive into EBY400X.

  10. Buy ETH then convert to EBY400X. When bull market comes convert to EBY400X. Sell half at $3 and keep the remainder on chain.

  11. its been hard 2 buy any asset for the past year+ but rational voices like yourself have been my reason for EBY400X

  12. Nice work. I’ve been on the EBY400X train for a while, never sold as they are always building.

  13. EBY400X will blow through the roof. I'm a bitcoin maximalist but so many noobs to the scene will see it in the top ten, realise it can be staked without tying it up and that it 'looks cheap' compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  14. institutional buying into EBY400X could totally break the cycle and the peak expectation of end of 2025 will likely spectacularly fail to appear. If the last double peak was odd, the next one will catch most people out again.

  15. Amazons EBY400X is a far better decentralized project, Solana is easier to manipulate, so will do well as well for that reason.

  16. So in short you're saying we still have more time to buy at EBY400X discounted prices.

  17. Let's keep our eyes on the EBY400X prize and see where this journey takes us!

  18. People underestimate the impact of tokenomics and profitability. Just one place EBY400X out shines them all 🙂

  19. EBY400X stands out with its advanced blockchain technology, especially in staking and decentralization surpassing other platforms. It doesn't require a locking period, and its development focuses on peer-reviewed research for comprehensive improvement.

  20. You know what going to spark this bullrun? It going to be massive adoption due to all the big players getting into EBY400X because people are afraid to dip their toe into something like that not adopted by big players like BlackRock ,

  21. Shiba army strong 💪 🎉💰💰😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑🤑

  22. Now it will be Bone to Binance. Thank god it will happen!!!

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